The Benefits Of SMS Appointment Reminders

Nov 01, 13 | Posted by: reminder on Reminder Tips, SMS Marketing

Many appointments are set up months in advance. Employers hire people to place reminder calls because a missed appointment represents a reduction in revenues. Unfortunately, with the rise in text messages, many people ignore incoming calls and never receive the message. For this reason, more businesses are turning to an automated SMS appointment reminder system for their customers.


Business Advantages Of Using SMS Appointment Reminders

Most systems can be tied into the program that you use to schedule appointments. Business owners can send out a regular series of reminders without much effort. The text can be personalized for each business and appointment dates and times automatically entered into the text message.

Staff time is freed up to perform different functions. This is especially critical for one-person or other small operations. When the office is very busy, the business owner can relax knowing that those reminders will be sent without restructuring the work day flow.

Statistically, more people show up for their appointments when they receive a series of messages. You can program them at intervals to help your clients remember to make arrangements in their weekly schedule in advance. Your time is valuable but if your client doesn’t show up for their appointment, you won’t be making any money.


Customer Advantages Of Receiving SMS Appointment Reminders

Most people make appointments because they want your services. They are frequently embarrassed when they forget and are concerned that they may be charged for your time when they don’t cancel within an established window. Reminders help your customer keep their lives more organized and aids them in getting the services that they require.

Phone calls can be disruptive throughout the course of the day. A busy customer may receive a call and immediately forget about it. A text message stays on their phone until they delete it and becomes a reference for them. Many people prefer receiving texts rather than phone calls because they are more convenient.


Ideas For Setting Up SMS Appointment Reminders

Try setting up a simple series of appointment reminders. Send one a week before the appointment and an additional reminder the day before. Make sure that your messages are friendly and contain pertinent information including your business name and location as well a callback number.

Track the number of missed appointments after you have your system up and running. You should see an immediate improvement in revenue.


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