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The Benefits Of SMS Appointment Reminders

Nov 01, 13 | Posted by: reminder on Reminder Tips, SMS Marketing
Many appointments are set up months in advance. Employers hire people to place reminder calls because a missed appointment represents a reduction in revenues. Unfortunately, with the rise in text messages, many people ignore incoming calls and never receive the message. Read full entry

Text Reminders for Appointments: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Oct 31, 13 | Posted by: reminder on Fun Text Messaging Stuff, Reminder Tips
Missed appointments have been a very costly proposition for many business owners. People make appointments in advance because their time is limited and they can only see so many people in a day. If one person does not show up, that is a slot that someone else could have taken, generating productive income for the business. Text [...] Read full entry

Text Message Appointment Reminders: Make Better Use Of Your Time

Oct 25, 13 | Posted by: reminder on Fun Text Messaging Stuff, SMS Marketing
Most professionals lead very busy lives and their time is quite valuable. For these reasons these individuals often keep very strict schedules. Unfortunately, many times their clients do not. Online text message appointment reminders are a great way to better make use of your time by reducing the number of clients who fail to show up on [...] Read full entry

How to Remember Appointments: A High Tech Solution to an Old Problem

Oct 15, 13 | Posted by: reminder on Mobile Advertising, SMS Marketing
Not everyone was blessed with a great memory. It is quite common for the average person to forget a meeting or a due date on an important project. However, these memory lapses can be quite costly. Figuring out how to remember appointments is thus very important if one wants to enjoy a better quality of life. Read full entry