Do You Still Call Your Clients to Confirm Appointments?

There is a better way!

Gone are the days where you have to call your clients to remind them of their appointments. That’s a time consuming task that’s rarely cost effective. People miss voicemail messages all the time and it takes up valuable employee resources to facilitate these calls. Instead, use our automated RemindersByText appointment reminder service to free up precious time and increase customer appointment retention.

It is super simple to use! Each appointment reminder takes only a few seconds to setup. Enter in the customer’s name, mobile number, time of appointment and notification date/time. That’s it. The system will automatically send out a text message reminder on the date and time you specified.

Want to take this one step further?. You can ask your client to respond back to your text message with a ‘C’ to confirm, ‘M’ to Miss, ‘R’ to reschedule or “B” for behind schedule.

The system will log their response in your dashboard for easy viewing and also send out an automated response such as these:

You see… RemindersByText makes everything simple!  You’ll never find a more cost effective solution than our text message reminders.

Start Offering Your Customers Mobile Reminders Today!

Offer Your Clients Text Appointment Reminders

and They'll Never Stop Thanking You!