How to Remember Appointments: A High Tech Solution to an Old Problem

Oct 15, 13 | Posted by: reminder on Mobile Advertising, SMS Marketing

Not everyone was blessed with a great memory.  It is quite common for the average person to forget a meeting or a due date on an important project.  However, these memory lapses can be quite costly.  Figuring out how to remember appointments is thus very important if one wants to enjoy a better quality of life.

People have developed many different techniques on how to remember appointments throughout the years.  These include having a small appointment book on you at all time, personal digital assistants, and even hiring a  secretary to help remind you of things.  However, these methodologies are all subject to human error.  In the first two instances, you have to remember to check your appointment calendars, and in the latter instance, the secretary might forget as well.

Text message reminders represent the best solution to remembering important appointments.  These reminders are available to anyone who has a modern cell phone that can receive text message communications.  A text message reminder system is programmed in with the appointment as soon as it is made.  The system will have a default setting as to when the optimal time to remind someone of an appointment is.  Then the reminder will be sent automatically at the specified time to the cell phone.

This method of remembering appointments has several advantages.  The first is that it minimizes human error.  A machine is responsible for sending out the message, not a human.  As a result, as long as the appointment is entered into the system at the time the meeting is scheduled, the message is nearly guaranteed to be sent out on time.

The second big advantage is that most people always have their cellphones on them.  If the person is in an important meeting, the person does not even have to answer the phone to receive the message.  The message literally can pop up on the phone itself at that moment, while a voice message would likely go right into voicemail, which could be listened to many hours later.  Unlike emails that have been crammed with spam, over 95% of text messages are read, usually within minutes of being sent.  This makes it the perfect medium for appointment reminders.

Often, it is not just the person forgetting the appointment that suffers; professionals such as doctors and lawyers who have tight schedules and charge high hourly rates can lose a lot of money from wasted time caused by clients not showing up for appointments.  The same can be true for high end restaurant table reservations or hair salon appointments.  For these reasons, many of these professions are beginning to adopt text message appointment reminder systems to make sure that there clients do not waste their valuable time by not showing up at.  Often these systems are built right into their scheduling systems so that the reminders are automatically set as soon as the appointment is made.

If someone really needs to learn how to remember appointments, they should consider using text message appointment software.  By taking the human error out of the equation, you no longer needs to worry about forgetting another appointment again.


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