Text Message Appointment Reminders: Make Better Use Of Your Time

Oct 25, 13 | Posted by: reminder on Fun Text Messaging Stuff, SMS Marketing

Most professionals lead very busy lives and their time is quite valuable.  For these reasons these individuals often keep very strict schedules.  Unfortunately, many times their clients do not.  Online text message appointment reminders are a great way to better make use of your time by reducing the number of clients who fail to show up on time.

If you are charging $300-$600 an hour for a service, then missed appointments can be a really big problem.  That is hundreds of dollars potentially down the tubes that you could have otherwise earned by booking another client in that spot.  However, getting clients to stay on schedule is not as easy.  Not everyone works in a profession where strict time management is important.  Quite frankly, a lot of people just forget because they are not organized.

Text message appointment reminders are a great way of remedying this situation.  Nearly everyone has a cell phone these days, and most are capable of receiving text messages right to the phone.  Unlike emails which tend to be ignored, most text messages are read within minutes of being received.  As a result, there is usually no worries as to whether the other person got the message or not in a timely manner.

By sending out a text message to remind a client of an appointment, the day before or perhaps additionally a few hours before the meeting, it is much less likely that they are going to be a no show.  Or, if they have a last minute conflict, the message will likely remind them to send you a message saying they need to reschedule, hopefully in time for you to book another appointment.

While a secretary could send out these messages manually, there does exist software that can do this automatically.  Some of these include direct scheduling functionality where a client can book an appointment online, and the system will automatically send out a reminder of the meeting to the cellphone at specified intervals before the appointment.  In this manner, the entire process can be totally automated so one does not even need your secretary to remember to send the reminder.  You can even use such a system as a schedule reminder for yourself.

Text message appointment reminders are a great way to ensure that your time is used most efficiently.  Never let a missed meeting get in the way of your productivity again!


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