Text Reminders for Appointments: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Oct 31, 13 | Posted by: reminder on Fun Text Messaging Stuff, Reminder Tips

Missed appointments have been a very costly proposition for many business owners.  People make appointments in advance because their time is limited and they can only see so many people in a day.  If one person does not show up, that is a slot that someone else could have taken, generating productive income for the business.  Text reminders for appointments promise to greatly reduce this recurring headache for a variety of businesses.

Text reminders for appointments can be set up using a wide variety of software packages.  Once the appointment is made, a cellphone number is requested from the person making the appointment, and the details are entered into the system. One can then set certain times prior to the appointment to send out reminders, such as one or two days before and a few hours before.  Most of these systems have templates that can be set up for frequent customers and appointment types so certain information such as the phone number does not need to be entered repeatedly.

Once the appointment is set, the responsibility of remembering the appointment is essentially handed off to the computer.  Like the proverbial elephant, a computer never forgets.  It will send a text message right to the person’s cell phone.  Since most people keep their cell phones on them at all times and check most text messages within minutes of receiving them, this reminder should be quite effective.

Many reminder systems also allow a person to reply back to a message to confirm an appointment.  The confirmations will then be sent back to the central calendar, where they can be displayed to the secretary or whoever is responsible for managing the schedule.  This makes the whole process of appointment management very easy on both parties.

Such a system should significant reduce the number of no shows since the reminders should be delivered very reliably.  This should both increase the amount of sales you generate by using time more effectively, as well as increase your level of service to the customers, since it is inconvenient for them to forget as well.  Such a system can be useful in a wide variety of businesses where timeliness is important, including restaurants, hotels, taxis, doctor’s offices, lawyer’s offices, and property management offices.

Those businesses struggling to keep their schedules full due to no shows should seriously consider text reminders for appointments.  These systems create a win-win situation for both the client and service provider.


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